Why Buy Wheelycoolfiber?

Do you cherish quality in what you wear, and in your home décor? Do you hunger for products with meaning? Are you tired of trudging to a store, only to emerge empty-handed and frustrated by products made shoddily? The solution is simple: purchase Wheelycoolfiber, handmade décor, yarn and wearable products made of locally sourced farm-grown, organic fiber. At Wheelycoolfiber we don’t just sell you stuff; we share our farm experiences and quality products with you, just as you’re sharing you patronage with us. Take a few minutes to meet the animals, watch the processes, and see how these items are naturally curated, made ready for the transition from our home to yours.

Says founder Susan Matthews Myers, “Wheelycoolfiber is all about connecting us to the earth and supporting the ecosystem with the best quality items coming from the happiest animals.”


At Last! Wheelcoolfiber Organic Wearables!

 Our new Organic Hat & Shawlette collection has been in the making for three years, and emerges this year in three lines: 

  •  The Cap: a simple yet richly designed hat, at an affordable price;

  • The Hoodie: an exquisite, fleece-lined hat/scarf that can also be worn pushed-back like a simple hood. Hand-made from hand-spun farm fibers, these are as suitable displayed as art as worn as headgear – warm, yes, but way too cool to put away when not ‘in use’!

  • The Shawlette: an artsy rendition of farm fibers and sometimes added recycled sari silk for an added pop of color, all washable and unique. Shawls bunch in front as a scarf while your coat is on and easily spread into a statement piece once you remove your jacket!

Farm Pride

Have you ever looked at an item and wondered where has it has been? How far did it travel and who touched it? Who made it? Was it a person or machine? 

This sweater I know exactly where it has been. The animal that grew the fiber is here, eating the grass here and breathing this air. All of the circumstances of the year before this wool was harvested and morphed into this  sheep's miraculous fleece. 

From there every step of the sheep's wool was curated by hand into yarn. No machines or mass production assembly line. Every step of my garment was skillfully planed and nurtured. As meditatively beneficial for the crafter as the beholder. Its like my sweater has a soul, and it is loved. A living Art.

It's a Baby Boy!!

This morning at 5:15 am Momma  "White Socks" (yes that is her name and no we are not Indian) baby finally arrived! We could not be happier. It was a rainy morning and she picked a bad spot to birth, Kraig found baby still wet and Momma nicely licking him off about 100 feet from the barn along the fence line. Look at the bag on her! She looks like a Dairy cow! We have been anxiously waiting for 2 weeks now, sense the vet checked her, but her actual due date was unknown. Her rondavue with the bull was in a group and went thru several cycles, so we have to implement some guess work. I hope you don't know what I mean...lol. It is a bull calf and has Daddy's coloring. So cute, I will post more pictures as I get them.


Disclaimer- I know my grammar is nontraditional, isn't that cool! 

Thank you Rustic Mitten!!

And Welcome to the Farm!

Moe is "ringing the bell" in honor of your donation! A very happy sound for the animals to hear. Your Online donation was received and will be put towards a few extra treats! 

Moe and Roxy are the friendliest sheep in the pasture and the first to greet us. They loooove their grain, but for this treat, I am looking for a little something special and different for them. I will experiment with a few online palatable suggestions that are also good for them: carrots, apples, strawberry frosted shredded wheat, grapes, kiwi, and popcorn! Crazy huh?  I will let you know what they like, and the rest of their donation will be in the kiddy awaiting their vaccinations.

Thank you Rustic Mitten!  -Sincerely, Wheelyfiber animals 



Thank You!Sue Myers