Thank you Rustic Mitten!!

And Welcome to the Farm!

Moe is "ringing the bell" in honor of your donation! A very happy sound for the animals to hear. Your Online donation was received and will be put towards a few extra treats! 

Moe and Roxy are the friendliest sheep in the pasture and the first to greet us. They loooove their grain, but for this treat, I am looking for a little something special and different for them. I will experiment with a few online palatable suggestions that are also good for them: carrots, apples, strawberry frosted shredded wheat, grapes, kiwi, and popcorn! Crazy huh?  I will let you know what they like, and the rest of their donation will be in the kiddy awaiting their vaccinations.

Thank you Rustic Mitten!  -Sincerely, Wheelyfiber animals 



Thank You!Sue Myers