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It's a Baby Boy!!

This morning at 5:15 am Momma  "White Socks" (yes that is her name and no we are not Indian) baby finally arrived! We could not be happier. It was a rainy morning and she picked a bad spot to birth, Kraig found baby still wet and Momma nicely licking him off about 100 feet from the barn along the fence line. Look at the bag on her! She looks like a Dairy cow! We have been anxiously waiting for 2 weeks now, sense the vet checked her, but her actual due date was unknown. Her rondavue with the bull was in a group and went thru several cycles, so we have to implement some guess work. I hope you don't know what I It is a bull calf and has Daddy's coloring. So cute, I will post more pictures as I get them.


Disclaimer- I know my grammar is nontraditional, isn't that cool!