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Why Buy Wheelycoolfiber?

Do you cherish quality in what you wear, and in your home décor? Do you hunger for products with meaning? Are you tired of trudging to a store, only to emerge empty-handed and frustrated by products made shoddily? The solution is simple: purchase Wheelycoolfiber, handmade décor, yarn and wearable products made of locally sourced farm-grown, organic fiber. At Wheelycoolfiber we don’t just sell you stuff; we share our farm experiences and quality products with you, just as you’re sharing you patronage with us. Take a few minutes to meet the animals, watch the processes, and see how these items are naturally curated, made ready for the transition from our home to yours.

Says founder Susan Matthews Myers, “Wheelycoolfiber is all about connecting us to the earth and supporting the ecosystem with the best quality items coming from the happiest animals.”


At Last! Wheelcoolfiber Organic Wearables!

 Our new Organic Hat & Shawlette collection has been in the making for three years, and emerges this year in three lines: 

  •  The Cap: a simple yet richly designed hat, at an affordable price;

  • The Hoodie: an exquisite, fleece-lined hat/scarf that can also be worn pushed-back like a simple hood. Hand-made from hand-spun farm fibers, these are as suitable displayed as art as worn as headgear – warm, yes, but way too cool to put away when not ‘in use’!

  • The Shawlette: an artsy rendition of farm fibers and sometimes added recycled sari silk for an added pop of color, all washable and unique. Shawls bunch in front as a scarf while your coat is on and easily spread into a statement piece once you remove your jacket!

Be Part of the Farm!

Farms in the US are sadly diminishing. The cost of land, equipment and, not to mention the amount of back-breaking work it takes to keep everything running and everybody fed has prevented most young adults from even trying today.  "The average farmer in the US is 60 yrs old, and in the next 15 years, 50% of America’s agricultural equity is going to change hands." As stated in "Farmers For America", by Mike Rowe. This film focuses mostly on our food sources, and how next to impossible it is for our next generation to farm. The film states the importance of emotionally connecting with our products, supporting OUR land, and not relying on imports.  I share this belief and I believe in buying "real" items. Items with soul, and not supporting machined mass production. 

We, at Wheelycoolfiber, are fortunate to be able to operate a small farm and we LOVE it. The day to day happenings are priceless. Just the simple stories of one piece of property, maintained by one family, supporting a variety of animals of varying ages and needs, gives insight into a farm family dynamic. 

With these stories, you will be a part of the farm and gain by my experiences. There are tricks to understanding animals and similarities between a herd of animals and a group of people. It's actually intriguingly funny. In fact, I equate each species to a human age category to help me relate to them and tactfully get them to do, what I need them to do, with minimal force. Making us all happy. 

I have created a Sponsorship Option in the middle of the "Meet the Animals" section, where you are able to support this farm’s inhabitants.

100% of all donations are spent on the animals and I will keep you abreast to what updates they are getting. Last winter they got an ice-free waterer! The Alpacas loved it. Just a simple gesture of supporting their evening grain is a fun way to feel like you are a part of the farm and connected to the products you love. 





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