4 oz. Roving-Natural Shetland

4 oz. Roving-Natural Shetland

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My Storage is limited so let's bring out the deals!

A dear friend of mine has Shetland sheep and does not spin, silly her, so I obtained her roving and am currently overloaded! I went a little crazy, because who can control themselves around the fiber, right? Well, when I got home all this fiber somehow doubled so I can extend an awesome deal to you (and make my husband happy-ha)

I listed this so you can add on if you are trying to make your order coupon ready.....

Available in a variety of colors. This deal is one time only so when colors run out I will not be getting any more. Each color is of the same animal so you can buy bulk with confidence.

Shetland wool is soft yet extremely durable, so this fiber makes great slippers or other winter apparel without having to add anything into the mix, and with plenty of time to work up some beautiful Christmas presents. I have spun it thick and thin and it is extremely easy to work with.

All colors are sold in 4 oz. increments, and as you all know, a lot of roving is in 4 ounces. (The balled picture is of 1 oz balls.)