3 oz. Clean Dyed Alpaca Fiber

3 oz. Clean Dyed Alpaca Fiber

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Meet King, my white Alpaca, all dyed and ready for your project! His fleece is sooo light and soft, dyed with irresistible color. All buyers that have bought King, have come back for more. I hand spin his fiber, but many felt him and comment he is dreamy.

In his first dye pot I put in a purple and "broke" the color- this is such a cool process that gives you every color that is in the dye to make the purple color. Resulting in my "Hippie Tye Dye" batch. This would be amazing to spin up by the handfuls or felted in a verity of projects. It is a great go-to, if you need to add to your stash and can't decide on color. Why not get all of them..? --And who can say: Hippie Tye Dye with out following with a "Yay"? --way too much fun here...

Emeralda  (2017 pantone color of the year- Greenery) I think this one is going to be very instrumental this fall and winter with holiday projects. One can never have too much green. This vibrancy lens itself well to creating the very pastures that this fiber manifested from! 

Electric Yellow is dreamy soft, with a range of bright yellow to a dark dusty green with even olive tones in between. When dying this batch my goal was to exploit the mustard color I love so much and to give it an interesting range. Solid colors are boring to me, I love to let my eye draw to individual uniqueness.