Hershel Black Alpaca Fiber

Hershel Black Alpaca Fiber

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Hershel is my black Alpaca. He is professionally shorn and has a good 3-inch staple.

Hershel has 3.5 pounds of Washed Prime available for spinning. Very Soft and would produce a garment that drapes or mix with at least 10% wool or nylon to spin up a yarn with softness and structure.

Hershel's Seconds are for sale and very economical.  I do not recommend seconds for spinning, but great for felting and other crafts.  My Alpaca seconds are very clean because we blow them off before shearing. I use Hershel in all of my wall hanging pictures as the tree branches and any felted item that needs outlining, he is excellent.

I have also included a washed small quantity variable for the artisan that just needs a bagful of black soft fiber for embellishments.