King White Alpaca Prime Fiber

King White Alpaca Prime Fiber

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This price is for 1 pound of Raw White Alpaca Prime fleece! Blown out before shearing the fiber is nice and clean of any bedding and most dust, just some mud on the tips as shown in the picture. King's staple length is 4 inches.

King was an award-winning fleece Alpaca but was not kept as breeding stock due to a cyst he had on his back. Well, I was in the market at the right time and added him to my fiber flock. He now has no cyst, and he leads a happy life getting his fiber cut once a year and grazing in the sun. His white fiber dyes nicely or mixes with a wool to super soften it up! 

King Prime washed is listed, beautifully soft and ready to spin!

Kings Seconds is also for Sale at a discount. These are shorter and more course, I do not recommend them for spinning, but great for felting and crafts. Being white it takes a dye very nicely.

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