Miss Dainty- Registered Leicester Long wool

Miss Dainty- Registered Leicester Long wool

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Registered Leicester Long Wool priced according to process.  (Washed Fleece/Locked Fleece with lanolin/and Raw Fleece.) A chance for you to save by doing your own washing! Drop me a note if you would like me to help you thru the process.  

Miss Dainty grows the longest of my Leicesters. This spring was muddy so her fleece is smaller due to heavy skirting, but still available by the pound. The washed is sold separate also by the pound. She averages a 5 inches staple, nice lock structure and washes to a very pretty white.

She has 2 pounds of Raw Prime fiber this year, stored in a paper roll till purchase. She is wonderful hand combed, spun from a cloud, or even hand-picked in your lap spun by the handfuls. Miss Dainty is in some of the best pictures of the farm with her dainty look stealing the show.

Miss Dainty has a washed option for those that want to buy clean fleece. I have 2 pounds of washed available. You do get more for your dollars by buying washed due to no lanilyn. The picture shows it drying in the breeze on my porch. It is a very nice white, very little to no VM and soft for a Leicester with a good shine. Leicesters are known for their strength so wearables are a great option. 

Her Presoaked Locks are a good 6 inches long, somewhat clean, and still are very "workable" with lanolin. They will be very white when washed after use! The picture shows a 1-ounce amount.

 This raw fleece has little VM and can be a finished product with no mill processing. 

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