Teeswater Moe

Teeswater Moe

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2018 Teeswater Moe:
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Moe has a slightly larger curl structure than Larry but Moe has more length. He ranges from 7-9 inch length as you can see in the picture. He whitens beautifully with Unicorn Beyond Clean and Fiber Rinse enhances his shine. The comparison picture shows the back end of a Leicester next to a Teeswater. The shine difference is amazing. 

  • Moe's Raw Fleece for sale is slightly felted but very rich with long locks and discounted due to the felting. I had a delay in shearing looking for extra length. These locks are pullable and make nice projects or can also be spun. He washes up beautifully! 

Save money by buying the raw fleece by the pound and separating your own locks. 

  • Moe's Clean Fleece is AMAZING! I was sad about him felting a little and it being a muddy spring, but when I washed it up, it is Angora soft and beautiful! I am so glad I sampled it! I soaked 2xs, swashed 2 xs, scoured 1 x and rinsed 2 x times (formula for success) This batch has some gray areas in it, you can see by the picture, and it is stunning... a sure show stopper.