Short Clean Locks for Knitting, Crocheting or Crafting

Short Clean Locks for Knitting, Crocheting or Crafting

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Beautiful Locks from Miss Dainty.

Miss Dainty 3" locky fleece:
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This year's shearing bombed and it turns out to be a blessing! Being I hire a professional shearer all of my animals need to be done at the same time, so some of them were not long enough to be spinning fiber, but Miss Danity never disappoints. Miss Danity is a Registered Leicester long wool that grows fiber equivalent to her Teeswater barn mates that have wonderful shine. 

 This partial fleece was sorted to make Short 3" curly lock crafts. Mostly it is her blanket area section where her locks have good curl formation on both ends. It is her prime clean fleece and you will find little to no VM. Just carefully pull separate locks as you knit them in.

Helpful Tutorials can be found online walking you thru this entire process. Below is one of my favorites.

See how Virginia from "" knit with short locks: