8 skeins-1900 yrds. Hand Combed Soft hand spun wool yarn

8 skeins-1900 yrds. Hand Combed Soft hand spun wool yarn


Coordinating gray tones large batch of organic yarn

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Hard to find Natural all one sheep big batch of yarn. 1900 yards of hand-combed handspun 2 ply Romney yarn, with endless possibilities.

It was my first Tour De Fleece when I found this huge Romney fiber. My sister took a picture of me standing in the middle of it as I joked,"skirt the fleece, they said".  Skirting is the first step in which you lay it all out as on the animal and take away the outer skirtings. I am always looking to make my sister laugh, she thinks I'm crazy, and I nurture that thought. 

The remainder of that fall I hand combed all of the fiber, keeping the colors as separate as I could, knowing nature had the best idea combining all of these tones on one animal. Hand combing is labor intensive but the best way to get the softest shiniest yarn. I loved every minute of this fiber running through my hands. Once combed into a "nest", I spun on my Mach III Spinolution Wheel and then spun again into 2 ply yarn. 

This fiber is absolutely yummy, next to skin soft and shiny. It is all kept together for a mix and match coordinating family project. 2 of the light colored skeins (400 yards) are DK and would make an excellent smaller accent to the rest of the skeins being a worsted weight. Soft enough for every woman, yet the color is suitable for any man. You could add any pop of color you choose or pair it up with more natural tones. The possibilities are endless. 

Price is for all 8 skeins, a steal considering the shine and softness. $198.00

This fleece never left the farm, and is looking for its forever home! Feel free to message me if you have any questions.