250 yds. Worsted Weight Natural Cream Yarn

250 yds. Worsted Weight Natural Cream Yarn

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250 yards of swishy soft 100% natural hand spun 2 ply wool yarn. This worsted weight skein is just enough for a Hat! It would make an amazing hat like the one that was so popular during the Olympics, with a ribbed pattern on large needles, this would be very soft and versatile. The tad left over could embellish a scarf to have a nice combo.

This yarn has medium shine and a nice halo giving a soft look and feel. The process is so long from start to finish, I have to guess whos fiber it is, and I believe it is baby Romney or Finn because of its shine and swish.

Worsted Weight (#4)

  • Hat = 200-225 yrds
  • Scarf = 375-500 yrds
  • Socks =275-375 yrds
  • Shawl =375-550 yrds
  • Adult Sweater =1125-1625 yrds
  • Baby Blanket =1000-1125 yrds
  • Afghan =2250-3125 yrds