Bulky Natural Umbre Wearable

Bulky Natural Umbre Wearable

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100% Shetland baby first shear wearable. This is the same fiber as the Woodsy Wonder, just a different spin. It is not as wispy and lends itself very well to complimenting many outfits or home decor. Its versatility makes a thoughtful gift, being grown and finished completely on the farm! Absolutely no Mill processing! How cool is that? Again: Wheelycool! LOL. The last picture shows a number of wearables in their storage waiting for their forever home.....total fiber bliss.

Let me break it down: The Sheep grew it for 10 months- It was then hand trimmed off the animal when it was warm out- picked cleaned- washed clean- then spun by the handfuls!!   It is sooo darn fun!! The feel in my hands was wonderful. 

This little one has a very happy life just growing fiber, now her happiness is able to be shared with you! Buy two! :)

To See my Video on these fine fibers, CLICK HERE