Natural Fiber collection

Natural Fiber collection

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This natural art wearable is baby Teeswater first shear. Natural in color and very versatile. I adorn my shelves using fiber hanks as candle surrounds when I am not wearing them. They are just too earthy and pretty to not be enjoying them all of the time.

To See my Video on these fine fibers, CLICK HERE

My cream/gold wreath has just a splash of color to add a wonderful 3-D wall texture. Useable in any room that you want to add charm. It is very lightweight and hangable with a hat pin to keep your walls blemish free.  --This Wreath is "pick up" from Clare MI. A very fun time if you can tour the farm at this same time! My fiber animals always love to see their supporters! 

And the Teeswater Lock Tree! Each bundle is 1 ounce 7-9inch locks and sold separately. These locks are used by doll makers and art spinners to add locky dimension. These colors are the natural fiber, the ends are slightly stained. This can be removed by careful soaking. Teeswater locks take commercial acid dyes or traditional human hair dyes. The color options are endless.