Extra Accelerated Flyer -(4A)

Extra Accelerated Flyer -(4A)

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Accelerated 4A oz Flyer

Pricing includes the flyer head, one bobbin, and hook orifice bar.

Not included: additional bobbins, tube orifice bar, wheel base, or shipping cost.

Many of our fine-spinning customers requested higher ratios, so we designed a head upgrade with a built-in accelerator for short staple spinning. As far as we know, these are the highest ratios available on upright wheels in the industry today. 

4A Ratios by Wheel

  • Firefly - Highest Electric Wheel RPM on the Market

  • Monarch - 1:53

  • Echo - 1:40

Price Including Wheel Base

  • $1219 - Firefly + 4A Flyer

  • $1259 - Monarch +  4A Flyer

  • $809 - Echo + 4A Flyer

When you are spinning at such high speeds, the smaller the bobbin - the better the performance. Also, since these speeds are for spinning the finest of yarns, a 4 oz bobbin is perfectly adequate for those weights. 

$579 for Flyer Head Only (No Base)