Extra Flyer Head -32 oz

Extra Flyer Head -32 oz

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32 oz Flyer Head

Pricing includes the flyer head, one bobbin, and hook orifice bar.

Not included: additional bobbins, tube orifice bar, wheel base, or shipping cost.

This size is ideal for production art and bulky yarn spinners who need large amounts of yardage for big projects, or need extra room for plying big skeins. Beginner art yarn spinners may find the 16 oz more manageable. Available on the following models: 

  • $579 - Echo 32 oz Flyer Head

  • $519 - Hopper 32 oz Flyer Head

  • $579 - Monarch 32 oz Flyer Head

  • $579 - Firefly 32 oz Flyer Head