SpinOlution Pollywog

SpinOlution Pollywog

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This is a pint size wheel designed with the young spinner in mind - but adults who are young-at-heart will enjoy spinning on it too! 

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The Pollywog has been one of Spinolutions best sellers.- The smallest wheel with the biggest possibilities due to its great spinning ratios. Yes you can spin wool and shorter fibers like cotton! Its cute lightweight yet sturdy design is easy to treadle and perfect for the beginner and the adventurous spinner that prefers a smaller wheel.

The attached Lazy Kate holds 3 bobbins. -Boom! No additional lazy kate purchase needed =SAVINGS!

Since conception the pollywog has many options: The Orifice Riser, (added height with no acceleration) the 12 oz upgrade (For more volume), and the accelerator (for added speed enhancing shorter staple lengths) -all a great deal with a price you can afford and opportunities you can grow with!

At this time, this wheel is 4 and 12 oz exclusive and will not fit any of our other upgrade sizes.



  • $419 wheel alone

  • $199 accelerator upgrade

  • $409 12 oz. upgrade

  • $52 Orifice Riser

Open Hook Orifice
Magnetic Bobbins
Easy Uptake Tension Knob
Easy Drive Band Change
Quiet Operation
Ergonomic Design
Small Footprint
Stationary Floor Grips
Heavy Duty Construction
Warp Resistant Wood
Made in the USA

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